The consequences of too much sexual activity in men

The beneficial effects of sex for health and the life of a couple are no longer to be presented. However, it is not often mentioned that there are some negative aspects for men when the practice becomes a little too regular. So how does excessive sexual activity affect a man's health?

Cardiac arrest and stroke

According to the recommendations of health professionals, engaging in sexual activity is good for the heart. However, there is one aspect that needs to be stressed. Sex abuse is deadly.

Deaths following excessive sexual activity account for 0.19% of deaths from cardiac arrest. They are most often caused by damage to the heart muscle, also known as myocardial infarction.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to specify that 100% of the victims of stroke during sexual relations were affected by cardiac diseases.

Moderation is therefore in this case the best solution if you recognize your limits.

Penile fracture

Although it is a rare occurrence, it must be admitted that the penis can fracture. This injury directly affects the two erectile bodies that make up the structure of the penis. The fracture occurs during intercourse, putting pressure on the penis.

Although the fracture may not be painful, erectile dysfunction and curvature are likely to occur over time. For this reason, a corpora cavernosa tear is an ailment that should be treated by a gynecologist as soon as possible. 


Sexual intercourse is a time of pleasure. Unfortunately, they can be painful for people who suffer from post-orgasmic headaches. These headaches occur after orgasm and in some cases during sex.

They usually originate at the bottom of the skull before spreading to the eyes and forehead. The unpleasant sensations in the head can last for several minutes or even hours. This may indicate low blood pressure or, in the worst case, a brain tumor.

It should also be recognized that taking certain medications as sexual stimulants increases the risk of headaches. Viagra, for example, is known for its pronounced side effects. It is still dangerous to abuse it. The diagnosis of a specialist is necessary to prevent any risk.