What is an orgasm?

Sexual intercourse is an intimate moment between two people. It is also the materialization of a love or an attraction. The intense pleasure that comes after a while is called orgasm. What can be said about it in concrete terms?

Orgasm: what do we know about it?

Orgasm is the word or expression used to designate a succession of muscular movements felt during sexual activity. These movements follow an acceleration of the heartbeat and breathing rate. Orgasm can also be defined as the sudden release of significant sexual tension.

Orgasm is a sensation of pleasure. It occurs due to the stimulation of certain sensitive and intimate parts of a man's or woman's body. It can be the sex or certain erogenous zones. In men, orgasm and ejaculation are almost inseparable, although they are distinct. 

The different types of orgasms in women

Clitoral orgasm: Stimulation of the clitoris during foreplay quickly leads to orgasm in women. According to some accounts, the clitoral orgasm occurs after 3 minutes. For those who do not know, the clitoris of the woman is similar to the penis.  It is mobile and can double in size;

Mixed orgasm: This type of orgasm involves stimulation of both the clitoris and the woman's vagina. For some women, this type of orgasm is quite deep;

Multiple orgasm: These are fairly intense orgasms that occur following a succession of very strong stimulations. To achieve this, it is necessary to lick, caress, touch and suck certain parts of the body. The parts concerned are among others, the mouth, the breasts, the buttocks, the sex, etc. This is quite complicated, we must admit;

The G-spot orgasm: The easiest way to get your partner to have such an orgasm is to caress her G-spot. As a reminder, the G-spot is located a few centimeters from the entrance of the vagina on the front part. To better find yourself, think of the side of the lower abdomen;

Anal orgasm: It's true that many women don't dare venture into this area. Nevertheless, according to those who do, they find an immense pleasure. 

Orgasm is a moment when pleasure becomes intense and can be manifested by muscle contractions. Hormones of pleasure and well-being are released at this time to make the moment beautiful.